Join Our Team

How we are together is as important as what we are together.

The people we support are at the heart of our work. Our dedicated staff weaves together personal strengths and life experiences to create the best possible supports and accommodations.

As an employee of Community Resources, you have limitless potential to make a positive contribution to someone’s life.

We are passionate about the work we do and invite you to join our team.

"Community Resources is Awesome! They care about the employees as much as they care about the people we support."

"I appreciate the ability to be a contributing member of our community and help build relations and camaraderie within our community. I am hopeful at the changes I have seen sprouting and growing in various parts of our community."

"I love my position; the work I do and our community. Looking forward to our community to continue to evolve and grow."

"I appreciate that Community Resources is always a people-first company and values the use of people-first language."

"I enjoy the people I support. The West Bay staff have always been kind and helpful when needed."

Direct Support Professionals

Direct Support Professionals work together to sustain an environment that reflects each person’s uniqueness and kindles a compassionate spirit. They equally share responsibility, accountability, and consequences for the functioning of the team. They are committed to assisting the person we support to live their life in the manner of their choosing and support the integrity of our community by honoring the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects in each of us. They maintain relationships based on respect, dignity, and mutual esteem. They are supportive and nurture the person supported capacity for personal growth, creativity, and self-expression.



Specialists create and maintain an atmosphere of trust, integrity, and alignment with Community Resources’ vision, mission, values, and strategic goals. They are the goodwill ambassadors of Community Resources, how they interact with staff, people being supported, and others reflect directly upon us all, and models our philosophical approach to supports and services. They have an awareness of and relationship with people supported, their staff, their legal representatives, families, friends, and others, and promote a kinship of community in their interactions


Administrators have the overall strategic and operational responsibility including establishing long range goals, ensuring financial responsibility, developing employee talent, promoting community relationships, and strengthening public relations.

The Administrators are strategic, visionary, and collaborative in their leadership, guiding the agency in the achievement of its mission: serving as a leader in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Their management safeguards the quality of services and the effectiveness of supports and promotes a positive work environment.